Hoover ECO - G AT70EG10001 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Product Code: Hoover ECO - G AT70EG10001 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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Hoover Eco-G Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Product Description

Hoover Eco-G Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Product Description

 Hoover Eco-G Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

High performance bagged cleaning
Eco-G is a high performance bagged vacuum, featuring a large 4.5 litre dust capacity, long 8 metre cord and tools stored on-board. With first class 'A' energy rating and 'A' performance on hard floors, Eco-G combines money saving efficient motors with excellent dust pickup. Eco-G is also a good choice for allergy sufferers thanks to its 'A' class emissions rating and silver ion treated anti-allergy pets turbo brush.


Key Features
•    Large 4.5L bag capacity and 8m cord
•    Triple 'AAA' class : energy, hard floors and emissions 
•    Anti-allergy pets turbo brush
•    Above floor cleaning
•    Compact storage



High performance bagged cleaning
Eco-G is a premium high performance bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner giving excellent pick-up and performance to quickly lift dust and debris from floors and surfaces. Features include a large 4.5L bag capacity and a long 8m cord, meaning you need to spend less time changing the dust bag and unplugging the vacuum between rooms.

'AAA' Rating
Eco-G uses Hoover™ high efficiency motors, advanced Airflow Technology and expertly designed floor nozzles, achieving 'A' ratings for energy, hard floors and emissions.  This vacuum has been independently tested to provide excellent performance whilst saving energy, with the Hoover™ sealed air system ensuring that at least 98% of dust particles and allergens are removed from the air emitted. 

Anti-allergy silver ion Pets turbo Brush
Eco-G comes with an anti-allergy silver ion pets turbo brush to effectively loosen and lift stubborn pet hair whilst capturing harmful dust allergens. This is a great tool to leave your stairs, carpets and upholstery beautifully clean and hair-free. 

Above floor cleaning
Eco-G is designed with telescopic tubes and tools allowing you to vacuum hard to reach areas of your home such as stairs and ceilings, not just floors. Stored on board you'll find a dusting brush, crevice tool and furniture nozzle for effective cleaning of a wide range of surfaces, nooks and crannies. 

Compact storage
If you are looking for a vacuum that takes up minimal space then Eco-G is perfect. Its compact design cleverly and conveniently stores tools on board whilst the unique hose wrap system keeps the hose, nozzles and tubes neatly on the product.


Energy Rating


Performance (Hard Floors)


Performance (Carpet)


Emissions Rating


Dust Collection


Motor Power

700 W

Noise level

76 dB


27 KWh


Green / Silver / White

Weight in use

6 kg

Cord Length

8 m

Hose Length

4.5 m

Bag / Bin Capacity

5 ltr

Product Dimensions

53x29x26 cm


Crevice Tool / Dusting Brush / Upholstery Tool / Pets Turbo Brush


Carpet & Hard Floor Nozzle


Telescopic Extension Tube

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